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Our promise to you

Is there a problem? Let us know

We hope that everything runs smoothly during your homebuying journey. But if an issue does arise, please let us know about it so that we can try and resolve it as soon as possible. This page outlines the Jones Homes formal complaints procedure.

Whether you have just reserved or have been living in one of our homes for a while, you can raise any issues or concerns with the Site Team or our Customer Services Team who will be happy to assist you.

We’ll do our best to fix the problem. But if you still feel that the issue hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction, you may then wish to make a formal complaint.

Jones Homes Team Infront of a Van

Making a formal complaint

While we hope we can resolve any issues before it gets to this stage, we have a robust process in place to ensure that all complaints are investigated thoroughly and in a timely manner.

All complaints – whether from existing customers, potential customers, or members of the public – should be submitted in writing to the Customer Services Team at the relevant Regional Head Office.

You can write to us by either letter or email at the addresses detailed below. To help us deal with your complaint as quickly as possible, we ask that you provide the following:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The name of the Jones Homes development, the plot number and legal completion date (if applicable)
  • A clear description of your complaint
  • Any documents (such as photographs) to support your complaint
  • Details of the outcome you would like to achieve

We take all complaints seriously and promise to handle your complaint with respect and in the strictest confidence.

Handling your complaint

Our formal complaints procedure is made up of three stages. Complaints are initially handled by the Customer Service Team and, if required, can be escalated to a relevant Head of Department and then to the Regional Managing Director.

We will do our best to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. But we will also give it the attention – and the time – it deserves. So that you know what to expect at the outset, we will stick to the timescales outlined below when handling your complaint.


Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Customer Services Team
(Initial contact for all complaints)
Head of Department or Director
(via Customer Services)
Regional MD
(Via Customer Services)
Independent Review:
Consumer Code / Warranty Provider


Stage 1

We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of receiving it.

After looking into the matter, we will either resolve your complaint – or provide a pathway to resolution – within 15 working days.

If your complaint remains open, we will review the investigation and provide you with a written update within 30 days.

Stage 2

If you don’t receive a response within the above timescales – or if you are not satisfied with the response – you can write to the Customer Services Team and ask for the complaint to be escalated.

Your complaint will then be investigated by a relevant Head of Department or Director who will respond to you within 10 working days.

close up of a person with a phone.

Stage 3

If you are still not satisfied with the response – or you do not receive a response within the above timescale – you can write to the Customer Services Team and ask for the complaint to be escalated to the Regional Managing Director.

After investigating the matter, they will respond within 10 working days to provide the final response to your complaint.

Update on your complaint

Regardless of the stage your complaint is at, if the complaint remains open 56 days after you initially contacted us, we will write to you providing a full update of the action we have taken so far to investigate and resolve it. If the issue is ongoing, we will provide an indicative timescale for resolution.

Stage 4: Independent Review

If after completing the three stages above, you are still not satisfied with the outcome you may wish to seek an independent review of your complaint.

If you are a customer and we have not resolved the matter within 56 days of your initial complaint, you will have the right to take it up with either one or both of the following:

  • The National House Building Council (NHBC) as warranty provider if the complaint relates to a building defect
  • The Independent Dispute Resolution Service (IDRS) under The Consumer Code for Home Builders if it relates to issues other than a building defect
  • A copy of this complaints procedure can be downloaded here

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