Customer Commitment

We will provide the following service, procedure and information at the appropriate stages during the house buying process:

  • Detailed information about the property to be sold.
  • Reliable information about the Buildmark Cover from the NHBC (or similar), and any other cover from which you will benefit.
  • Health and Safety advice to minimise the risk of danger during construction and in the use of the property.
  • Assistance in respect of questions, choices and options throughout the purchase process.
  • Information about the structural completion and subsequent occupation of the property.
  • Once a structural completion date is set we will ensure that the property is complete, that subsequent transfer of ownership takes place, and that the functions/facilities of the property are demonstrated to you.
  • We will inform you clearly about the after sales service we will provide within defined response times. Our aim will be to deal effectively both with routine service matters and with emergencies.
  • We will tell you who to contact if you believe we have not satisfactorily fulfilled our customer commitment.
  • We adopt the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

Consumer Code For Home BuildersJones Homes has adopted the Consumer Code for Home Builders. Its purpose is to ensure that homebuyers are treated fairly, know what service levels to expect, are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions and know how to access speedy,low-cost dispute-resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.
Visit their website: